Bespoke Weddings in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world in which to get married. Italy has relatively simple legalities and offers some of the most beautiful locations in the world in which to tie the knot. Italy is the timeless wedding destination!

Throughout the planning of your wedding in Italy,  your personal wedding planner will take care of you. For the most important day in your life we will ensure that stays unforgettable and memorable for the rest of your life! We can help you to chose a right Italian wedding destination for you, timeless Venice, romantic Verona, Rome-the eternal city, breathtaking Italian lakes, stunning Sicily or beautiful Tuscany surrounded by vineyards and rural idylls.

You will feel the benefit from our excellent contacts, let us create a bespoke and personal wedding for your dream wedding in Italy. We offer a tailor-made seventh events wedding package with all essential items and extras for your special day.

Each of the carefully picked traditional Italian hotels is unique but all have one thing in common: where you stay you will be warm welcomed by host who are passionate about their traditions and proud about their region. We offer you a romantic locations for the day itself, a range of hotel and villas from luxurious 5 *****hotels to the traditional and charming family-run hotels that offer a truly friendly Italian welcome.

That’s amore! Italy is truly superb choice for a wedding celebrations and special occasions. Could you imagine more romantic country for a honeymoon then Italy? Please, contact us for a more details Weddings in Italy.

Weddings in Venice

A wedding in Venice – you can’t find a more romantic marriage setting. The unique setting of a Venetian wedding will remain unforgettable for you for all eternity. The marriage can take place, for example, in an ancient palace on the Grand Canal, the Palazzo Cavalli. From there, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge. Please contact us for more details.

Weddings in Verona

The city of lovers enthralled not only by its world-famous love story of Romeo and Juliet, but also for its romantic atmosphere, the historic buildings and the distinctive Italian flair. The wedding could be celebrated in the typical places of love, like on the balcony of Romeo and Juliet houses or in the Guarienti Hall and Chapell dei Notai. Please contact us for more details.

Weddings in Tuscany

The magical and diverse colours of the Tuscan landscape created by the vineyards and olive groves mixed with the ancient architecture will make a truly amazing and unforgettable wedding setting. You can enjoy not only the beauty of this country, but also the special Italian flair, fantastic food and wine and at a relaxed pace. Please contact us for more details.

Wedding on Italian lakes

Pick out one of the most picturesque places with romantic old towns around the lake and enjoy the Mediterranean temperatures, the Italian kitchen and the peace and tranquillity of the lake. With much love we will create your dream wedding. Please contact us for more details.

Weddings in Florence

The heart of the Renaissance, the home of the artist and genius Michelangelo. This is Florence, the beautiful, romantic, enchanting city, where the wedding of your dreams can come true. This centre of culture holds many treasures for Sir: museums, historical landmarks, stunning architecture, delicious delicacies and fine shops. Please contact us for more details.

Weddings in Rome

From the ancient spectacle of the Colosseum and the Forum, to the magnificence of the Trevi Fountain and the grandeur of the Vatican, Rome offers a wide range of wonderful backdrops for the most memorable day of your life. Around every corner you can discover something new in Rome and the choice of settings is endless. Please contact us for more details.

Wedding in Sicily

Celebrate your wedding in a fabulous villa for wedding in Sicily to experience the charm of this lovely island. Many consider Sicily as the most beautiful and romantic islands in the world. Elizabeth Taylor herself pointed out exercises which special effect to love Sicily at the beginning of her love affair with Richard Burton, the former couple was enjoying the bliss of this island. Please contact us for more details.

What you have to pay attention to at a wedding in Italy?

You can marry in almost every Italian registry office. It is important to pay attention to the written application, since this approach is more binding than a call. The date will be determined and then the prospective bride and groom told. The sooner you look at the registry office registers, the greater is the chance to get the desired date for the most important day of life. Those who do not speak the Italian language should, however, use an interpreter. We will help you with all documents and other legal inquires.

How can you get married?

Both civilly and ecclesiastically married. This should, however, be discussed in advance.

Where can you get married?

You can marry you in almost every Italian registry office or church. The marriage must take place in a building with a roof and not outdoors.

What lead time do you need?

You should plan at least 6-8 months in advance.


  • Legal age for marriage is 18 years for both men and women.
  • Bride and Groom may not be related by blood, marriage or adoption.

An official translator must be present at the civil ceremony if both parties are not Italian. The marriage must take place in a building with a roof and not outdoors.

Residency requirements:

  • None

How to get a marriage licence

You must provide a Certificate of No Impediment to marry (Nulla Ostra) which is usually issued by your embassy in Italy or your local department of Foreign Affairs. To obtain this you will need to produce birth certificates, full passports and photocopies, decree nisi or death certificate if divorced or widowed and deed poll showing any change of name in order to obtain the Certificate of No Impediment (Nulla Ostra). Generally the Italian Authorities prefer to have two Sundays pass after receiving the Nulla Ostra before issuing a marriage licence, although sometimes this time can be shortened.

Legal papers to take:

  • Ten-year passports
  • Full birth certificates with a certified translation.
  • Certificate of No Impediment” (Nulla Ostra) which can be issued by your Consulate for the area in which you are to marry.

If you have been divorced then your first marriage certificate and the final divorce papers must be shown with a certified translation. Brides must have been divorced for at least 300 days in order to remarry. If you are widowed then the death certificate of your previous spouse must be shown with a certified translation.

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